Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get Gorgeous Beautiful Eyes Immediately

The window is the heart's eyes, the eyes one can see how someone's personality,
for that we need a healthy eye because the eyes are healthy and beautiful it will also increase the and to increase our confidence.
for that let's follow some of these tips and immediately get healthy eye and beautiful.

- Leaf Sirih 1 and stem cell
- Water 4 cups

Making way:
Boiled leaves and stems Box with 4 clean water glass until boiling. Drain hinggga cold.

Rules of Use:
Wash your eyes with boiled water that is cold betel. This washing can be done by immersion or enough to boil water dripping the betel leaf. Do it twice a day, morning and evening.
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Dhayunk said...

nice info bro.

Anita said...

hmmm... i want ti have a beautiful eyes.thanks friend.nice info in here

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