Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nuts For Heart Health

Nuts are not only able to watch the ball as a friend or for a friend at a time when we relax. Apparently a lot of benefits we can from this one meal. Many health experts as food meyebut super nuts. Nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and other nutrients essential for heart health. Food is included in a healthy delicious meals.

What type of nut consumption is not too important, although the nutrition and fat content of nuts varies depending on the type. Walnuts, almonds, green beans, peanut skin, and so on, have a complete nutrition in every pieces.

Various studies have shown people who regularly eat nuts have a bad cholesterol (LDL) cholesterol, low in the blood. High levels of LDL contribute to the high risk of heart disease. Therefore, the ability to reduce LDL nuts very profitable.

In addition to reducing the risk of clot that can trigger fatal heart attacks, also increase the health nuts artery.

Although there are many varieties and types of nuts, but experts agree basically nuts contain three essential ingredients to the heart following:

-Unsaturated fatty acids
Both the fat content in peanuts, both of monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated able to reduce levels of bad cholesterol.

- Fatty acids omega-3
Most nuts are rich in omega-3 is effective in preventing various heart diseases. Besides the nuts, omega-3 also may be obtained from the fish.

- L-arginine
Nuts are also rich in L-arginine, a compound that helps the health of blood vessel walls to make it more flexible and not easily clogged.

- Fiber
All types of nuts contain fiber, which is useful for lowering cholesterol. Fiber also makes it easier to feel full, so we will not overeat.

- Vitamin E
Although not too obvious but experts suspect this vitamin helps the development of plaque in arteries that can lead to narrowing the lead to pain in the chest or heart attack.

- Sterols
Plant sterols (plant sterols) are organic compounds that effectively lower cholesterol. These compounds are usually added to products such as margarine for added health benefits.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Apples Keep You From Illness

Apples are one of the fruits of the longest known to man. With a good taste of this fruit it also has very many benefits to health. This fruit has about 7000 varieties in South America. Both apple green, yellow or red is always a favorite person to eat.

Apples have long been believed to be beneficial to health, although most people do not know why. Apples are the fruit with low acid levels, so easy to digest and good for dental health because it can increase menstimulus gums and saliva to reduce the bacteria in the mouth.

One apple a day can keep you from disease. Apple low calories and high in fiber. Pectin, a soluble type of fiber, helps reduce blood cholesterol and control blood sugar. Apple skin contains cellulose, a type of insoluble fiber, which can help prevent constipation.

While apples also contain quercitin, a beneficial phytochemicals as anti-inflammatory and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Contained in Quercitin and almost close to the skin. Avoid cooking apple because of the reduced fiber and flavonols. Eating fresh apples to be the best way. To get a good apple, choose fresh with bright colors. Store in a perforated bag in the refrigerator to avoid become mushy. Many refrigerators containing ethylene which causes the fruits and other vegetables mature more quickly because it was away from bananas, watermelon, kiwi, green vegetables and carrots.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Garlic For Health

Garlic is a plant of the genus Allium and the name of the tubers produced. Garlic has many benefits, with a characteristic smell, but this is probably a good sign for us all health conditions.

Researchers have managed to unravel the mysteries of the causes of eating garlic may help maintain heart health. The key is allicin, which is broken down into sulfate compounds that pollute very smelly breath. These compounds react with red blood and produce hydrogen sulphide which relaxes the blood vessels, and making blood flow easier. Research University of Alabama at Birmingham campus Working Paper appeared in the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

However, British experts warned taking garlic supplements can cause side effects. Produce hydrogen sulfide rotten egg odor and is used to produce bombs smell (stink bombs). However, at low levels, compounds that play a vital role in helping cells communicate with each other mutually. And, in the blood vessels, a compound that stimulates the cells that form the lining causing vessels to relax and widen. And, this in turn reduces blood pressure, allowing blood to carry more oxygen to essential organs, and reduce pressure on the heart. Alabama research team dipping blood vessels in mice mengadung solution extracts from the crushed garlic.

These striking results produced striking results - with tension within the vessels decreased by 72%.

Many people eat garlic in supplement form

The researchers also found that red blood cells exposed to very little garlic juice are sold in department stores soon produce hydrogen sulfide.
Follow-up experiments showed that chemical reactions take place primarily at the surface of red blood cells. The research team indicate that hydrogen sulphide production in red blood cells may be used to set the standard levels of garlic added to food. Chief researcher Dr David Kraus said: "Our results show garlic in the food was very good.

"Of course in areas where garlic consumption is high, such as the Mediterranean and the Far East, the low occurrence of cardiovascular disease." Judy O'Sullivan, cardiac nurse specialists at the British Heart Foundation (BHF), said: "This interesting study indicates that garlic may be beneficial for heart health. "But still there is no sufficient evidence to support the idea of eating garlic as medicine to reduce the risk of developing heart disease," added O'Sullivan.
"Insert a garlic as part of a varied diet is a personal choice," he said. "Keep in mind that supplements [garlic] in high levels of drugs may interact with blood thinners and may increase the risk of bleeding," said Judy O'Sullivan.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

What People Shouldn't Drinking Tea

Tea was able to provide benefits for a drink, but there are also certain people who advised not to consume too much tea because it could be a boomerang for his health. These people are:

1. Patients who do not function well and the kidneys can not hold urine or incontinence due to serve tea to launch the urine disposal. Many tea disrupt kidney function, so that the more burdensome the disease these patients.

2. Pregnant women. Women who are pregnant need to share the kind of nutrient supply and metabolism need also the unborn fetus. If he's too much to drink tea, the tannins or tannin substances in the can bersenyawa with iron in the foods consumed into a compound that is not absorbed by the body. This addition can result in anemia and iron deficiency in pregnant women, can also cause the fetus in the womb to be congenital iron deficiency. So that after birth the baby would also suffer from anemia and iron deficiency.

3. Women who are breastfeeding, women who are nursing should not drink strong tea. This is because one of the toxins in the (caffeine) may affect spending of milk, so milk is reduced, but that caffeine can also enter the body of the baby through breast milk can cause intestinal cramps babies, so baby will not cry henti2nya.

4. People who had a fever, for people who are suffering from fever, instead of drinking tea can lower the body temperature but rather will increase body heat. This is because theophyline contained in the can raise your body temperature, even making the function body temperature-lowering drugs to be lost or diminished.

5. People who have weak nerves and insomnia, the disease should not drink the more because it will only aggravate the illness. This is due to caffeine content in tea can cause nervous system excitement and increase the basic metabolism, which will make even more difficult to sleep and felt restless.

6. People who lack the blood, iron in the food entering the digestive tract in the form of colloids feros hidrosida. Iron in colloidal form can not be absorbed by the body directly. He has to go through the role of the stomach before the sap can be absorbed through the body. Tanat acid in tea is very easy bersenyawa with iron and acid soluble feros Tanat that hinders the absorption of iron. When the body of the less blood iron deficiency, hemoglobin synthesis in the body can be decreased, and the disease can get worse.

7. People who suffer from constipation, they refused to drink strong tea because the acid in the tea Tanat astringen role, namely to weaken penggeliangan intestinal tract. If they are desperate to drink strong tea so the disease will get worse.

8. The children, Drinking tea is not too good for the kids, this is because after tea the children will easily aroused enthusiasm, decreased appetite, digestive tract mucous membrane shrinks and it affects digestion and absorption of food. Tanat acid in tea can also affect the absorption of vitamin B and iron in the diet resulting in decreased hemoglobin and reduced erythrocyte volume, which can result in anemia or prone to anemia.

9. People who have high blood pressure and had suffered a heart tea may help protect the heart but for those who have already suffered from heart disease they should avoid strong tea, because caffeine levels in tea can stimulate people and raise blood pressure. If they keep drinking the tea the heart will beat faster, feeling very uneasy and even experienced arrhythmia or absence of heart rhythm. After learning some because they refused to drink tea would be a concern to us. Although tea also has benefits for health but the health effects of tea more as a preventive (prevent). And that too would mean that if the drunk regularly and with just the right amount.

May be useful for those who need it.


Treat Teeth With Perfect

The color of our teeth are really white. But with so many substances food through the teeth by the age factor, so that the color of teeth can white endure forever. That's what we should watch. If you encounter problems with dental appearance, do not worry because now there are many ways to treat and overcome, namely:

1. Easy and simple way to take care of permanent teeth is brushing your teeth white
three times a day and after each meal. But be careful in brushing teeth. Do not be too hard because it actually can make a tooth abrasion and damage. More good use an electric toothbrush and set the time to brush your teeth for two minutes.

2. Strawberry is a fruit of teeth whitening is very special. It's easy. Mash strawberries and stick it on all your teeth with using a finger. Let stand for one to two minutes. Brush your teeth after that with a thorough clean.

3. Use toothpaste that acts as a bleach. Usually toothpaste model This lot sold on the market. But of course it took quite a long and very intensive treatment to get maximum results. Now most of the toothpaste had been using enzymes and chemical formulas, so you do not have to hesitate to consume bleach toothpaste.

4. Take care of before already be damaged. Use a straw if you drink coffee,tea, sodas and red wine. Thus, do not drink directly on the teeth. The drinks are usually the cause of tooth decay is very strong.

5. The easiest and fastest but more costly is the way bleaching or whitening. Models such dental care more available in the dental clinic and beauty clinic. Such treatments can last for two to three years. But still, after the bleaching, you should keep food and beverages consumed.

6. Some substances may stick to your teeth easily. Therefore you must prevent the formation of dental stains or plaque. Use broccoli, lettuce or spinach to prevent it. Vegetables that proved very effective to prevent the stain teeth affairs.

7. Expand to consume foods that act as natural teeth whitener.
Examples of fruit and vegetables. Natural materials are quite effective for cleaning teeth including: apples, carrots and celery.


Tea to Prevent Growth of Oral Bacteria Cause Odor

Tea actually has many uses, as well as of course the smell of drink. usefulness of tea is as prevention of bad breath. following article. compounds found in tea can stop the growth of bacteria cause bad breath. Once referred to the experts from the University of Illinois, Cichago. Polyphenols who can prevent the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath. Into compounds including polyphenols and theaflavins are cathechins. Cathechins found in green tea and black tea, while theaflavins in black tea mainly.

according to the study, revealed that polyphenols compounds are capable inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath by 30 percent. besides preventing the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath, polypenols allegedly able to maintain healthy teeth and mouth.

so, don' wait again, brewed a cup of tea to drink today.


Strawberries And Mayonnaise For Hair Health

Hair It is a beautiful crown for a woman. There are approximately 100,000 hairs on his head and every hair grows in 2 to 6 years.

One thing is normal for 50 to 100 strands of hair losing every day. Because the loss of hair usually will grow new hair back. Evolutionary function of hair is to protect your scalp from the sun and the cold. Healthy hair and neat appearance will affect someone.

But if your hair stiff and unruly, you try doing the treatment with the strawberry mask for your hair soft and did not cause side effects. This is because the acidity of strawberry fruits that contain a specific formula that makes the hair becomes softer, smoother and shiny.

For starters, 8 fruit mash and mix the strawberries with 1 tablespoon mayonnaise. After that, wash your hair clean and rub the mixture on it while you do a gentle massage.

The next step, after you make basting and massage your head, keep your head with a shower cap. Wrap a towel that you have soaked in warm water. Leave for about 30 minutes. Then rinse and wash again until completely clean. In order to maximize the results you should let it dry naturally without the help of hair dryer. Interested to get the hair smooth and soft as silk? Please try the steps above you.


Noni Fruit Benefits For Scaly Skin

Skin care is very important for performance. If you experience problems such as skin to skin scaly and hard to eliminate them or because expensive to treat the hospital, you do not need to worry. Since quite a mengkudu fruit (Noni (Java: pace, kemudu, Kudu); cengkudu (Sunda), kodhuk (Madura), wengkudu (Bali) from Southeast Asia region, belong to the Rubiaceae family. Another name for this plant is Noni (language Hawaiian), Nono (in Tahiti), Nonu (in Tongan), ungcoikan (in Myanmar) and Ach (in Hindi), The plant is grown in lowland at an elevation of 1500 m. High mengkudu tree reaches 3-8 m, has a flower knob white. The fruit is glossy green and have spots.) all can be overcome.

Mengkudu fruits good for health, other than to treat high blood Indonesia typical plant is able to treat scaly skin. Even though this fruit is very stinging aroma, but the fruit is rich in chemical content.

Besides storing fruit mengkudu many anti-bacterial substances and ascorbic which can eliminate skin infections, colds, fevers and other health problems.

Here are tips on how to use.

mengkudu sweep ripe fruit on the scaly skin. Do it evenly throughout the scaly skin.

Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Then wipe with a towel soaked with warm water. For maximum results do every day. Good luck.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Watermelon For Eye Health

Watermelon fruit is fruit that has a lot of water content and it is also very good especially at a time when eaten hot day .. Hmmm,,, Very Fresh. This fruit other than merit increases energy, it also contains a multivitamin.

Many people think, watermelon has a little nutrient content than other fruits. Do not be misguided! According to the book, The Visual Food Encyclopedia, this refreshing fruit other than fat-free, low calorie and nutritious energy boost, it also contains a multivitamin.

Rich in vitamins A, watermelon beneficial for eye health. In addition, vitamin B6 in it also helps produce the chemical in the brain, such as serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine, which can reduce stress and anxiety.

Not to forget, if your hobby is eating fruit, vitamin C also can be obtained that is useful for immune protection from viruses and free radicals.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jasminum Sambac Air Benefits To Health

Not be denied that the jasmine flowers are able to spread fragrance. Not only in Indonesia, but also throughout the world. Jasmine flowers come from Asia and quickly spread to other countries, like Europe, Australia, to Africa.

Although classified as ornamental plants, jasmine flowers are not difficult to maintain. Enough sunlight well, myrtle will bloom throughout the year. Generally jasmine planted in yard as an ornamental plant. In addition to delicious seen, even soothing fragrance. Behind the beauty, it also has a jasmine flower hidden benefits to health, including the following;

Intestine inflammation.
How to: Take a handful of leaves of jasmine poncosuda (another name or jasmine jasmine forest gambier),
boil with 3 cups of water to within 1 cup, strain and drink 2 times a day.

Kidney inflammation.
How to: Take 15 grams of dried leaves of jasmine poncosuda, boiled with 2 cups of water to stay a glass. Drink 2 times a day until the turbid urine becomes normal.

Stopping breastfeeding is exaggerated.
How to: Take a handful of jasmine flowers, wash clean, smooth mashed, give a little water, apply to both breasts, but nipples (do it carefully). Let stand until dry, then wipe with a towel that had been given warm water. Finally, clean with a towel that had been given the cold water.

Fever, Colds, and diarrhea.
Take 4 grams of jasmine, green tea 4 grams, 3 grams cardamom, wash out all the ingredients, boiled with 1.5 cups water, 1 cup to stay. Drink once daily for 3-7 days.

Pain Eye / Red Eye .
Take a handful of jasmine leaves, washed, pounded fine, give a little water,
stick to the forehead near the eyes. Apply 2 times a day for 3 days.

Shortness of breath.
Take 3 grams of dried jasmine, ylang flowers 3, 2 tablespoons sugar, washed, boiled with 400 cc of water to stay half, strain and drink 2 times a day.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Coffee and Tea to Prevent Diabetes

The fans turned out to coffee and tea have a lower risk of disease type 2 diabetes, the diabetes is not dependent on insulin and the type of diabetes is more common.

However, the efficacy of coffee and tea to protect the body does not come from the caffeine contained in them. Proved because nonkafein coffee (decaf) have the best effect to ward off diabetes. Thus published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

They based this conclusion on the results of 18 studies involving 500,000 people. Results of analysis showed that people who drink tea 3-4 cups of coffee or tea per day lowered the risk of diabetes, 20 percent or more. Even if the drink is coffee nonkafein, then the effect will be better ie more than 30 percent.

People with type two diabetes, usually begins to feel the complaint at the age of 40 years and more so when the body does not produce the insulin the body needs precisely.

Usually two types of diabetes is treated with a healthy diet and increasing physical activity. The drugs and sometimes insulin injections are also needed to address complaints diabetics.

The researchers believe the discovery of coffee and tea mengantung active substances that ward off diabetes will open a new path in the basic steps to ward off diabetes mellitus.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Drinking Warm Water for Healthy Heart

The people of Japan and China have been used to drink tea or soup Heat Hot after dinner instead of cold water. It turned out that their habits can reduce or inhibit the emergence of a heart attack.

It's nice, drinking cold water after eating, such as: Cola cold, cold sweet tea, ice cream or other cold syrup, but remember ... .... ! it can be fatal.

Cold conditions will freeze the new oily foods eaten. This will slow the digestive process.

When fats are formed in the intestines, it will narrow the digestive tract and over time will cause fat to gather, so we're getting fat or heading toward the emergence of various diseases.

To avoid such things happen, make it a habit to drink hot water, hot tea or something else. Of course with a decent hot to drink. Reduce the drinking habits of a good cold drink has cooled in the refrigerator or ice blended. Cold drinks can cause mengkerutnya blood channels of large to small as the diameter of our hair.

About the hot water to do with "heart attack" certainly no correlation. For those who have coronary heart disease regardless of the percentage of blockage, will facilitate the occurrence of heart attacks when used to drinking cold water. This is because the channel can be hardened and coronary or contract so that the hole could be smaller channels which in turn may hamper the pace of the heart. Therefore, to inhibit the process of contract and hardening of coronary channels, make it a habit to drink hot water.

For those who have coronary heart attack, it's good to drink hot water to develop smooth channel rate of coronary blood, before further medical action.

Each person must recognize the signs of a heart attack, especially coronary heart disease. If the left hand frequently felt sore from fingers to shoulder and then followed by frequent tingling. Then, the pain in the left chest right through to the back. Then followed a sense of dizziness, shortness of breath and cold sweats. So this phenomena is the beginning or the beginning of a heart attack. If we recognize these symptoms, immediately take action so that such hot water to drink, before taking drugs to thin the blood such as Trombo aspilet, ascardia or palavic.

Therapy of coronary channels with a drink of hot water is, of course, just as preventing the continuation of a heart attack. The best way to prevent the emergence of coronary heart disease is our healthy behaviors, as the tips below.

First, do the exercise on a regular basis in accordance with age and the portion done consistently. If possible, do every day with a minimum of 10 thousand steps;

Second, eat a good and lawful and avoid high fat meats such as offal, food that contains lots of coconut milk, oily (fried), and which contains chemical substances (sweeteners, preservatives and pelezat). Avoid smoking. This is dangerous.

Third, live humble, patient, self and clean living environment, and accept what is on the provision that the Lord Almighty;

Fourth, to reduce cholesterol levels in our blood, so get used to fasting or diet through foods such as reducing the second point;

Fifth, if we are already feeling the symptoms of a heart attack, so diligent consultation with the doctor.

The more we recognize the early symptoms of heart attack, and perform actions as a point of unity until the sixth, the more wide open to avoid the fatal heart attack. Hopefully we are always given by the Lord's health. and with healthy, we can serve well, can try to calm down and live in peace.


Brush Teeth After Drinking Cola or Juice? Danger!!!!

Proved very dangerous brush teeth after drinking cola or orange juice! Teeth become brittle toothless and be prepared to be a grandparent before time!

Tooth is a crown of hair on his face as his head. Although your skin smooth, tall, slim, beautiful eyes shining but if looked ga laughing fit had teeth missing alias would fall in the value of your beauty instantly

Avoid Tooth Brush Jump After Drinking Cola and Juice

For fans of the drink cola or orange juice noticed this appeal. German pharmacists association recommends 30 minutes of waiting time if you want to brush after drinking cola and orange juice.

High acid content of two drinks can lead to damage tooth enamel. Waiting for half an hour is ideal for tooth enamel is hard enough than just consume two drinks.

Rules toothbrush after 30 minutes of juice or cola drinks should not be ignored. Juice beverages except fruit juice is very acidic peach compared to coffee drinks, tea, beer or wine to lower acid levels.

Earlier researchers at NYU College of Dentistry has launch his discovery that a lot of sports drinks sold also contains citric acid can damage the teeth.

This research was conducted by soaking the teeth for 90 minutes, as a simulation for those who like to drink sports drinks throughout the day. It turned out some tooth enamel is gone.

This is because sports drinks are leaked to the bottom layer of enamel, causing the teeth become soft and weak. This condition is called dental erosion could easily result in damage and loss of teeth if not treated immediately.


Tonic For Men And Women

This simple recipe is most easily obtained ingredients, these recipes to add strength in order not to feel tired or lethargic when working.


* 1 tablespoon honey
* 1 egg chicken
* The water is squeezed grated turmeric and 1 tablespoon
* 1 / 2 tablespoons lime juice


* Beat egg yellow, turmeric Put water, orange juice and honey, stirring until smooth.
* To the men could add pepper to taste, drink this potion twice a week you certainly will not feel tired faster, harder working and more productive.


Turmeric and Ginger For the Prevention of Cancer

Kurkumin is one of the product compounds from plant secondary metabolites of turmeric and ginger. Traditionally, kurkumin been used in medicine in Asia, including Indonesia, to treat wounds, eliminate pain and arthritis. Now experts are finding that could also kurkumin treat cancer.

Ginger plants in Indonesia only. These plants are found in Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, and South Moluccas. Because of the large potential as future drugs, experts are now focusing on native plants of Indonesia.

There are a lot of data and literature that indicates that turmeric and ginger great potential as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-immunodeficiency, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-oxidants, antikarsinogenik, and anti-infection.

According to Timothy Moynihan, MD, consultant medical oncologist from the Mayo Clinic, the anti-oxidant content on kurkumin able to reduce inflammation and swelling. "Kurkumin much studied as a cure for cancer because of inflammation or inflammation are common in cancer patients," he said.

Research shows, the antioxidant turmeric can protect the fat, hemoglobin, and DNA from free radical attack. Anticancer substances found in turmeric also has tosisitas that can selectively destroy cancer cells without damaging normal tissue so as to minimize side effects.

Laboratory studies and animal experiments show, kurkumin to slow the spread of cancer and tumor cell growth in blood vessels. "This causes cancer cells to die," Moynihan added. Various research in the laboratory showed, kurkumin effective to prevent colon cancer, prostate, and breast cancer.

However, according to Moynihan, the current study was conducted at an early stage so that the experts do not recommend this herbal medicine in the treatment or prevention of cancer. Until now research is still conducted kurkumin experts.


Remove Skin Fungus With Galangal/Laos

The air is too hot, too humid body can cause white patches of skin called the mushrooms. Skin fungus skin fungus called 'developing' rather quickly spread, within a month can make half of the body so the stripes. Severe is when the fungus attacks the face, you can insecure, do not have the guts to eliminate the fungus in the association.To eliminate use common fungal skin below.


* Take a piece of galangal or laos, cut into two, this galangal sap rubbed on the skin of the affected skin fungus.
* Faster efficacy when the skin is polished to be a little salt, is painful but amazing results.
* For those who have sensitive skin should not use this galangal (make the skin so blackened). Less than an hour since you rubbed it immediately cleaned denan galangal warm water.