Saturday, January 30, 2010

Get a Healthy Lips Now

Lips is one symbol of human sensuality, but also that lipbecome a benchmark for one's health, the Red lips are a sign if someone is healthy, while the lips are pale and dry is an indication
that someone is not feeling well.

The following are tips and natural materials of course free of side effects
which can be used to heal dry lips.
- Young Avocado Fruit 1 piece
- Original Honey 2 tablespoons
Making way:
- Separate the young Avocado Fruit of the skin, pulp, and seeds.
- Avocado Fruit Meat Mash until smooth. Once smooth, add the Genuine Honey. Beat ingredients until evenly distributed.
- Squeeze the mixture using a clean cheesecloth. Take core of water.
Rules of Use:
Drink juice / filters Pomegranate fruit is, 2 times a day (done every morning and evening). Drinking should be done after every meal.


Raini Munti said...

i love avocado :)

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nice share my friend.:D

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