Saturday, December 26, 2009

Noni Fruit Benefits For Scaly Skin

Skin care is very important for performance. If you experience problems such as skin to skin scaly and hard to eliminate them or because expensive to treat the hospital, you do not need to worry. Since quite a mengkudu fruit (Noni (Java: pace, kemudu, Kudu); cengkudu (Sunda), kodhuk (Madura), wengkudu (Bali) from Southeast Asia region, belong to the Rubiaceae family. Another name for this plant is Noni (language Hawaiian), Nono (in Tahiti), Nonu (in Tongan), ungcoikan (in Myanmar) and Ach (in Hindi), The plant is grown in lowland at an elevation of 1500 m. High mengkudu tree reaches 3-8 m, has a flower knob white. The fruit is glossy green and have spots.) all can be overcome.

Mengkudu fruits good for health, other than to treat high blood Indonesia typical plant is able to treat scaly skin. Even though this fruit is very stinging aroma, but the fruit is rich in chemical content.

Besides storing fruit mengkudu many anti-bacterial substances and ascorbic which can eliminate skin infections, colds, fevers and other health problems.

Here are tips on how to use.

mengkudu sweep ripe fruit on the scaly skin. Do it evenly throughout the scaly skin.

Let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Then wipe with a towel soaked with warm water. For maximum results do every day. Good luck.

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