Saturday, December 26, 2009

What People Shouldn't Drinking Tea

Tea was able to provide benefits for a drink, but there are also certain people who advised not to consume too much tea because it could be a boomerang for his health. These people are:

1. Patients who do not function well and the kidneys can not hold urine or incontinence due to serve tea to launch the urine disposal. Many tea disrupt kidney function, so that the more burdensome the disease these patients.

2. Pregnant women. Women who are pregnant need to share the kind of nutrient supply and metabolism need also the unborn fetus. If he's too much to drink tea, the tannins or tannin substances in the can bersenyawa with iron in the foods consumed into a compound that is not absorbed by the body. This addition can result in anemia and iron deficiency in pregnant women, can also cause the fetus in the womb to be congenital iron deficiency. So that after birth the baby would also suffer from anemia and iron deficiency.

3. Women who are breastfeeding, women who are nursing should not drink strong tea. This is because one of the toxins in the (caffeine) may affect spending of milk, so milk is reduced, but that caffeine can also enter the body of the baby through breast milk can cause intestinal cramps babies, so baby will not cry henti2nya.

4. People who had a fever, for people who are suffering from fever, instead of drinking tea can lower the body temperature but rather will increase body heat. This is because theophyline contained in the can raise your body temperature, even making the function body temperature-lowering drugs to be lost or diminished.

5. People who have weak nerves and insomnia, the disease should not drink the more because it will only aggravate the illness. This is due to caffeine content in tea can cause nervous system excitement and increase the basic metabolism, which will make even more difficult to sleep and felt restless.

6. People who lack the blood, iron in the food entering the digestive tract in the form of colloids feros hidrosida. Iron in colloidal form can not be absorbed by the body directly. He has to go through the role of the stomach before the sap can be absorbed through the body. Tanat acid in tea is very easy bersenyawa with iron and acid soluble feros Tanat that hinders the absorption of iron. When the body of the less blood iron deficiency, hemoglobin synthesis in the body can be decreased, and the disease can get worse.

7. People who suffer from constipation, they refused to drink strong tea because the acid in the tea Tanat astringen role, namely to weaken penggeliangan intestinal tract. If they are desperate to drink strong tea so the disease will get worse.

8. The children, Drinking tea is not too good for the kids, this is because after tea the children will easily aroused enthusiasm, decreased appetite, digestive tract mucous membrane shrinks and it affects digestion and absorption of food. Tanat acid in tea can also affect the absorption of vitamin B and iron in the diet resulting in decreased hemoglobin and reduced erythrocyte volume, which can result in anemia or prone to anemia.

9. People who have high blood pressure and had suffered a heart tea may help protect the heart but for those who have already suffered from heart disease they should avoid strong tea, because caffeine levels in tea can stimulate people and raise blood pressure. If they keep drinking the tea the heart will beat faster, feeling very uneasy and even experienced arrhythmia or absence of heart rhythm. After learning some because they refused to drink tea would be a concern to us. Although tea also has benefits for health but the health effects of tea more as a preventive (prevent). And that too would mean that if the drunk regularly and with just the right amount.

May be useful for those who need it.

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nice info,,before read this post i think all people can safe to drink tea,,now i know that some people do not drink a tea..

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