Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Coffee and Tea to Prevent Diabetes

The fans turned out to coffee and tea have a lower risk of disease type 2 diabetes, the diabetes is not dependent on insulin and the type of diabetes is more common.

However, the efficacy of coffee and tea to protect the body does not come from the caffeine contained in them. Proved because nonkafein coffee (decaf) have the best effect to ward off diabetes. Thus published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

They based this conclusion on the results of 18 studies involving 500,000 people. Results of analysis showed that people who drink tea 3-4 cups of coffee or tea per day lowered the risk of diabetes, 20 percent or more. Even if the drink is coffee nonkafein, then the effect will be better ie more than 30 percent.

People with type two diabetes, usually begins to feel the complaint at the age of 40 years and more so when the body does not produce the insulin the body needs precisely.

Usually two types of diabetes is treated with a healthy diet and increasing physical activity. The drugs and sometimes insulin injections are also needed to address complaints diabetics.

The researchers believe the discovery of coffee and tea mengantung active substances that ward off diabetes will open a new path in the basic steps to ward off diabetes mellitus.


MelCole said...

This is a very interesting article. That is good to know that such common coffee and tea mengantung are substances that can help prevent DM. I don't drink coffee anymore though but I like the chinese tea like in the chinese restaurants.

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