Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brush Teeth After Drinking Cola or Juice? Danger!!!!

Proved very dangerous brush teeth after drinking cola or orange juice! Teeth become brittle toothless and be prepared to be a grandparent before time!

Tooth is a crown of hair on his face as his head. Although your skin smooth, tall, slim, beautiful eyes shining but if looked ga laughing fit had teeth missing alias would fall in the value of your beauty instantly

Avoid Tooth Brush Jump After Drinking Cola and Juice

For fans of the drink cola or orange juice noticed this appeal. German pharmacists association recommends 30 minutes of waiting time if you want to brush after drinking cola and orange juice.

High acid content of two drinks can lead to damage tooth enamel. Waiting for half an hour is ideal for tooth enamel is hard enough than just consume two drinks.

Rules toothbrush after 30 minutes of juice or cola drinks should not be ignored. Juice beverages except fruit juice is very acidic peach compared to coffee drinks, tea, beer or wine to lower acid levels.

Earlier researchers at NYU College of Dentistry has launch his discovery that a lot of sports drinks sold also contains citric acid can damage the teeth.

This research was conducted by soaking the teeth for 90 minutes, as a simulation for those who like to drink sports drinks throughout the day. It turned out some tooth enamel is gone.

This is because sports drinks are leaked to the bottom layer of enamel, causing the teeth become soft and weak. This condition is called dental erosion could easily result in damage and loss of teeth if not treated immediately.

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