Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Remove Skin Fungus With Galangal/Laos

The air is too hot, too humid body can cause white patches of skin called the mushrooms. Skin fungus skin fungus called 'developing' rather quickly spread, within a month can make half of the body so the stripes. Severe is when the fungus attacks the face, you can insecure, do not have the guts to eliminate the fungus in the association.To eliminate use common fungal skin below.


* Take a piece of galangal or laos, cut into two, this galangal sap rubbed on the skin of the affected skin fungus.
* Faster efficacy when the skin is polished to be a little salt, is painful but amazing results.
* For those who have sensitive skin should not use this galangal (make the skin so blackened). Less than an hour since you rubbed it immediately cleaned denan galangal warm water.


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