Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Drinking Warm Water for Healthy Heart

The people of Japan and China have been used to drink tea or soup Heat Hot after dinner instead of cold water. It turned out that their habits can reduce or inhibit the emergence of a heart attack.

It's nice, drinking cold water after eating, such as: Cola cold, cold sweet tea, ice cream or other cold syrup, but remember ... .... ! it can be fatal.

Cold conditions will freeze the new oily foods eaten. This will slow the digestive process.

When fats are formed in the intestines, it will narrow the digestive tract and over time will cause fat to gather, so we're getting fat or heading toward the emergence of various diseases.

To avoid such things happen, make it a habit to drink hot water, hot tea or something else. Of course with a decent hot to drink. Reduce the drinking habits of a good cold drink has cooled in the refrigerator or ice blended. Cold drinks can cause mengkerutnya blood channels of large to small as the diameter of our hair.

About the hot water to do with "heart attack" certainly no correlation. For those who have coronary heart disease regardless of the percentage of blockage, will facilitate the occurrence of heart attacks when used to drinking cold water. This is because the channel can be hardened and coronary or contract so that the hole could be smaller channels which in turn may hamper the pace of the heart. Therefore, to inhibit the process of contract and hardening of coronary channels, make it a habit to drink hot water.

For those who have coronary heart attack, it's good to drink hot water to develop smooth channel rate of coronary blood, before further medical action.

Each person must recognize the signs of a heart attack, especially coronary heart disease. If the left hand frequently felt sore from fingers to shoulder and then followed by frequent tingling. Then, the pain in the left chest right through to the back. Then followed a sense of dizziness, shortness of breath and cold sweats. So this phenomena is the beginning or the beginning of a heart attack. If we recognize these symptoms, immediately take action so that such hot water to drink, before taking drugs to thin the blood such as Trombo aspilet, ascardia or palavic.

Therapy of coronary channels with a drink of hot water is, of course, just as preventing the continuation of a heart attack. The best way to prevent the emergence of coronary heart disease is our healthy behaviors, as the tips below.

First, do the exercise on a regular basis in accordance with age and the portion done consistently. If possible, do every day with a minimum of 10 thousand steps;

Second, eat a good and lawful and avoid high fat meats such as offal, food that contains lots of coconut milk, oily (fried), and which contains chemical substances (sweeteners, preservatives and pelezat). Avoid smoking. This is dangerous.

Third, live humble, patient, self and clean living environment, and accept what is on the provision that the Lord Almighty;

Fourth, to reduce cholesterol levels in our blood, so get used to fasting or diet through foods such as reducing the second point;

Fifth, if we are already feeling the symptoms of a heart attack, so diligent consultation with the doctor.

The more we recognize the early symptoms of heart attack, and perform actions as a point of unity until the sixth, the more wide open to avoid the fatal heart attack. Hopefully we are always given by the Lord's health. and with healthy, we can serve well, can try to calm down and live in peace.


burn078 said...

This is really nice article. I will be following your blog starting today.

Barbra said...

There is no reason to avoid coconut milk, oil or meat. Read the facts and don't perpetrate misinformation.

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